Anchorians 2nd XI 9 – 0 Remnants 1s

Anchs arrived at Remnants with ten players, until lovely Tina asked anyone and everyone if they could umpire for the game. They left us in anticipation for a few minutes until they stepped up and released Emma Gurdler from her umpiring duty.  The game kicked off with Anchs dominated from first push back, Jess Neale opened the scoring with the first of her four goals before the ten minute mark. We continued to take control of the game with a passionate and brilliant goal from Hannah Shimmin that sizzled along the back line, taking the goalie by surprise. Just when we thought we had seen it all, from defence, Rosa streaked up the pitch and stunned us all with one of her two cheeky lifts over the unsuspecting goalie. At the break, Anchorians led the game 3-0.

After a quick team chat we were ready to continue the game with our spirits high. The committed determination from the 2′s continued their scoring streak with another skilful lifted goal by Jess. Jess rounded off her scoring, followed by Ellie Hynes who drove up the pitch weaving her way around the players and settling her first of two solid goal.The final whistle blew ending the game with a 9-0 win for the ladies 2′s who remain unbeaten in their league.