Match Report (or Captains Blog) Sat 20 Oct

Okay so here is what was sent to the papers for the match report:
On Saturday 20 October 2012 Gillingham Anchorians Ladies 3s played against Greenwich Polygons 1s at home. It was a tough game but with some excellent team work we ended with a draw of 1-1 at full time. Gillingham Anchorians played a beautiful game with Ayshe Tilki, Rachel Rae and Jess Neale working together to get the ball towards the goal. Sandy Bendle provided a strong defence as sweeper giving the other defenders time to get into position. Player of the match was awarded to Jess Neale this week for her tenacity.

In addition to this I think I need to make mention that Vicky Winchester and Amy Kleynhans were also very helpful in the midfield. Keely Reddington had a fantastic game and really got involved with running to the ball and tackling the opposition this week!

Keep up the hard work 3s! You should all be really proud of your effort today!

One thought on “Match Report (or Captains Blog) Sat 20 Oct

  1. Amazing performance today ladies. Everyone put 100% in and we all stood our ground. Great goal vicky lol!